What if being a Sales Hero was just a matter of following some basic, proven, and easy to follow steps?

Not only is the sales profession amongst the most lucrative and rewarding personally and financially, it can be fun! Written by a Fortune 500 Corporate Top Sales Performer with over 2 decades of Sales Performance, Sales Training, and Marketing experience, this book will take you on a journey of success and help you drive outstanding results - that you can repeat for every sales opportunity to guarantee successful results. Get your copy today!

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Ask yourself?...

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    Are you an experienced sales professional that has hit a sales slump trying to reignite your fire for success?

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    Are you new to sales?

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    Are you an entrepreneur who knows in order for your business to succeed, you must be successful at sales – but you don’t know where to start?

Check Out What Our Readers Are Saying...

I thoroughly enjoyed the content, simplicity and pragmatic style of this book. Great Investment for anyone in Sales, New or Seasoned.

- Jeffrey T. Wilson

Very awesome. A new twist on the basics.

- John Wrubel

Amy is amazing at crafting compelling training presentations. She delivers talks in a fun, interactive manner so her audience stays engaged while learning. Her coaching style is natural and non-judgmental so it's very easy to work with her. She has years of experience in the corporate world but is just at ease in a casual setting for a small organization. If you haven't worked with Amy yet, you are missing out! Her book is a must read.

- Nancy Gaines, MBA PMP, “Women Gaining Wealth” Founder

Today, I wish to thank Amy Lemire Simatos. Her sales expertise is fabulous. She is a great sales coach, and she literally blew my mind. She gave me clarity and inspiration! Her book speaks to what she coached me on-simple steps to more sales!

- Coxy Chiara Rodini, Style Designer, Los Angeles, CA, “Coxy” President

Amy is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. Her passion to help others succeed by sharing her real lessons learned over 2 decades of sales experience is unparalleled. I have learned so much from her and this book. I am confident my sales will double as a result of her wisdom she has shared!

- Maria Rekrut, Niagara Business Development Corporation, Author of: Double Your Income Using Social Media - 7 Insider Secrets to Vacation Rental Success Leveraging Social Media
Buy Now For Only $14.95and get access to all five bonuses!